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Accounts Receivable Financing

Startup FundingFunding is a critical element of daily business operations. When cash flow is not exceeding operating expenses, it is natural to become frustrated. This is particularly true when invoice aging reports reflect adequate outstanding invoice amounts to handle the bills.

We understand what you face each day and the challenges associated with business cash flow. We work to advance your company funds when those funds are needed, according to your invoice value. This enables you to meet your financial obligations and to focus upon developing your business.

Our funding ranges from thousands to millions of dollars, according to your accounts receivable and present needs. Through a simplified process and solid financial solutions, we work to improve your cash flow toward instant benefit and enhancement of your company’s potential. In addition, we provide information for the best factoring companies, too.

Accounts Receivable Finance Explained

To help you meet your company’s financial obligations, we lend you money using your unpaid customer invoices as collateral. By financing your account receivables, we provide the opportunity for you to watch your cash flow increase in tandem with increased invoiced sales.

For small to medium businesses, we possess the expertise to help you regain control of your business finances. This control through accounts receivable financing is not based on your company, as much as the creditworthiness of your customers or clients. This is what makes receivables financing so accessible and attractive to companies like yours. Even better, receivable financing can help you repair your company’s own credit without bank loans or taking on other long-term debt.

Will your company qualify for accounts receivable financing?

Regardless of how big or small your company is, we can provide funding through accounts receivable financing. The age of your business is also not an issue, as long as you have outstanding invoices which qualify.

Financial status of your business does not restrict your business from our help. Tax liens, poor credit and other issues are not a problem when using accounts receivable financing. We provide cash flow you need according to existing invoiced sales, your customer payments in the pipeline and not on hand.

When is accounts receivable financing necessary?

cash Is your business just emerging from bankruptcy? Are you finding it difficult to pay bills because you do not qualify for credit lines or long term financing? Is your credit history just growing worse each day? Do you have to reject business for large orders due to inability to cover upfront costs?

Cash flow problems happen in even the best of businesses. Customer payments can be unpredictable and their financial struggles bleed over into that of your company.This is how businesses start experiencing credit problems.

Depending upon your industry, up to 95 percent of your invoice face values can be figured into fund advancement through accounts receivable financing. Your credit score, reputation among lenders and financial status are not our concern.

Companies We Serve

For accounts receivable financing, we serve companies across a broad spectrum of industries. Businesses within transportation, healthcare, product sales, distribution, manufacturing and oil exploration have all been clients for our financing. Our goal is to improve your cash flow as part of an alternative form of funding, so your business can grow and thrive.